Redefining Wealth Management

It is more than just picking investments and retirement planning. At Equity Concepts, wealth management is the integration and coordination of financial planning, risk management, asset management, tax planning and estate planning. This comprehensive approach is designed to ensure that each of these distinct and Important areas of your financial life is evaluated and managed together to give you a greater sense of control. It is the active and ongoing supervision of this process that will ultimately define your financial success.


Strategic tax planning is an essential part of the wealth management process because taxes are one of the greatest threats to the growth of your wealth. Our holistic approach allows us to look at this from a variety of angles to evaluate the options available to you, including current tax planning, charitable giving and estate planning strategies.

Remember, it's not what you make but what you keep that helps you meet your ultimate financial goals. That is why a focus on taxes is critical to your planning process.


We represent the interests of our clients, not a financial institution. We have built our business on trust and referrals since we opened our doors. We are able to do this because our interests are aligned with yours.

Team Based

One of our fundamental values is collaboration. We do this internally through our organizational structure and externally through partnering with your existing professional relationships. Your Equity Concepts Wealth Manager oversees a team of in house specialists, including professionals with legal and planning backgrounds, to ensure that each area of your financial life is receiving the expertise and focus necessary for success.

Process Oriented

There is always vigorous discussion in the financial world about the relative strength of one particular investment or another, but often the essential nature of the planning process is overlooked. Let's look at it this way: If you were invited to participate in the Home Run Derby and given a choice between the best bat available or the swing of a professional baseball player- which would you choose? The bats are the investments. The swing is the planning process.

Solution Driven

One of the best ways to fight against periods of volatile or poor equity market performance is the strategic use of non-correlated asset classes. Our dedication to researching and providing access to world class alternative investments is one of the things that makes Equity Concepts a truly outstanding independent wealth management firm.