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Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to help you preserve and grow capital while minimizing volatility. By integrating alternative investments and various non-correlated investment strategies we strive to create a more stable investment experience.

Our Philosophy


Wealth Management

We use a team based approach to create a holistic financial plan for you. The foundation of this planning process is rooted in our independence which aligns our interests with yours.

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Exceptional Service

Our team based planning process and service approach allows us to deliver the personal touch and experience that clients love. You will have a team that proactively reaches out to you on a regular basis to ensure that we are constantly keeping up with the evolution of your life and wealth management needs.

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Our Motivation

“This question about “why” shapes and defines both individuals and organizations in profound ways.  At Equity Concepts the "why" we do what we do has been clear from the very beginning back in 1991.”

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